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At Herbetom Internacional, s.l. We have been using nature as the sole supplier since 1989.

Today in society, we act as if the symptom were a danger, when really, the symptom is a warning that the body gives us about a dysfunction to be treated.

We have to listen to our body and with small changes in life habits at certain times of the year, we will achieve full health.


The objective of complementary medicine (erroneously called alternative medicine), is to achieve a harmonious and balanced state of health in people. Healing processes do not have to focus exclusively on applying techniques that reduce or eliminate specific symptoms and that can also cause other symptoms and hide problems instead of curing them. Naturopathic treatment has to go further: it is necessary to get to the cause that causes them, to explore the origins of the disease, favoring the use of the patient’s own internal resources, restoring the authentic balance inside (mind and body are inseparable).

In Biological-Naturopathic Medicine, the human being is valued as a whole.

The organism as a whole is treated, seeing the relationships between the different body areas and the organs that may be involved in each process.

In Biological-Naturopathic Medicine, all the particularities of the individual are valued, both physical and mental, since each being is unique; there are no diseases but sick people and different ways of getting sick.

Biological Medicine is not an alternative medicine but an alternative within medicine.

The objective of Biological – Naturopathic Medicine is «to stimulate the body’s self-healing forces», in such a way that everything works normally.

In Biological – Naturopathic Medicine we find two facets: prevention and treatment of diseases.

We can stimulate the self-healing forces of our body by modifying our lifestyle, diet, … so that our immune system works correctly again.

To do this, we must study what toxins are in our body (heavy metals), alterations in the dental field, foods that make us feel bad, frequent disorders in the workplace or at rest, assess whether there is intestinal permeability, amino acid deficiency, etc.

We must assess the patient globally (not only through laboratory tests), for this an adequate diagnosis and personalized therapy must be made that includes an adequate nutritional intake, treatments with specific biophysical techniques, orthomolecular supplementation, herbal medicine, homeopathy …

Biological – Naturopathic Medicine groups together a large number of therapies whose purpose is to reestablish the natural self-healing mechanisms that we all have:

  • Stimulus-reaction principle.
  • Interruption and elimination of pathological or toxic loads.
  • Integral harmonization of the organism.
  • Efficiency of directed stimuli.
  • Activation of self-healing forces.

Nutraceuticals with bioregulatory action are composed of different active principles of origin: vegetable, organic, mineral and marine in the appropriate concentrations between active ingredients and people for a fast and effective action, which stimulate the body’s self-regulatory mechanisms and help to avoid or combat diseases and regain their biological balance.

We use them in Preventive, Predictive and Genomic Medicine, as well as in Regulatory or Nutritional Medicine, in order to balance the patient.

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